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Welcome to the Weston Property Manual. This is an easy-read, practical guide for everyone in the voluntary sector who is looking to acquire and manage premises successfully for their organisation. Each section is self-contained, written by an experienced property adviser and offering practical tips, quizzes, case studies, resources plus a short webinar. Do dip in and also check out our Jargon Buster for any unfamiliar property words.

The Ethical Property Foundation gratefully acknowledges support from the Garfield Weston Foundation in creating this Manual, which we hope has a lasting impact on our sector: enabling voluntary organisations everywhere, to engage with both property and property professionals, with knowledge and confidence.

The Weston Property Manual uses the term ‘charity’ when referring specifically to legislation but generally uses the term ‘organisation’, which can include any other type of voluntary, not-for-profit organisations including: charitable incorporated organisations, social enterprises, charitable & community interest companies and unincorporated community groups, associations, & trusts. 


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Antonia Swinson Chief Executive, Ethical Property Foundation introduces the Weston Property ManualStephen Nicholas Associate Digital Knowledge Manager, Ethical Property Foundation


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